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The Franchell Boswell Educational Foundation, chartered in 1989, is a philanthropic 501(c)(3) publicly supported charitable organization. Its purpose is to provide a vehicle by which our youth can recognize and achieve life goals that improve our communities, our country and our world. With great hope, the Foundation looks forward toward continued growth through strong leadership and committed teamwork.

Jacquelyn Heath Parker, President

Jacquelyn Heath Parker, President

In this Year 2017, we are reminded again of the many things in our lives for which we can be thankful: family, friends, health, and a strong and growing community around us. I am inviting you to demonstrate that you are an optimist. I, as President, and The Board of Directors continue to work for our community educational landscape, and to enrich the lives of our youth. The vision for supporting this Educational Foundation named in honor of Franchell Boswell is one that captures the essence of her message, “Serve and Support Youth.” Your gift of any amount (tax deductible) will be used to advocate for young people and support their success. We strive to help as many students as possible. Today’s Choices Influence Tomorrow. Invest in the Future.

The Franchell Boswell Board of Directors

Franchell Boswell
Educational Foundation
Board of Directors

Jacquelyn H. Parker

1st Vice President
Bobbie W. Moorehead

2nd Vice President
Faye B. Bryant

Recording Secretary
Emily J. Jones

Corresponding Secretary
Lillie Lacy

Financial Secretary
Jacqueline Wilcher

Barbara Travis

Peggy Lewis LeCompte

Ozell Dean
Vivien Coe Richards
Dorothy L. Chimney
Jacqueline Pope
Audrie Lawton
Drema L. Woldman
Gwendolyn I. Robinson
Tina Pompey
William Q. Davis

Scholarship Chairman
Emily J. Jones
Veronica Nesbitt