Franchell Boswell Educational Foundation

Outstanding Educator
Franchelle Boswell

“If you have ever seen the light of understanding in another’s eyes where light has not shone before, if you have ever guided the unsteady and unpracticed hand and watched it suddenly grow firm and purposeful, if you have watched a young mind begin to soar to new heights and have sensed that you are participating in this unfolding of the intellect, then you have felt within you the sense of being an humble instrument in the furtherance of mankind." – Franchell Boswell



Donovan Edward McGruder
Indianapolis, Indiana

Cyan Renae Simmons
Chicago, Illinois

Ashley Elizabeth Labrie
Cincinnati, Ohio

Kristen Eloise Oguno
Antioch, Tennesee

Congratulations to our Franchell Boswell Educational Foundation Scholarship Winners!


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